The Mighty Comic Book Optioned

June 2, 2011 More Paramount news today: the production company has acquired the rights to the DC comic book The Mighty. The series tells the story of Gabriel Cole, a police officer who owes his life to the world’s only superhero, Alpha-One. When he uncover Alpha-One’s dark secrets the mortal man finds himself alone against the most powerful being on Earth.

We like the idea of twisting the Superman mythos on its head – the Boom! series Irredeemable did a great job of this as well – but what’s really newsworthy is that a DC Comics property ended up with anyone other than Warner Bros., which owns the publishing company. In this case the rights were apparently owned by creators Keith Champagne and Peter J. Tomasi, freeing them to pursue other avenues.

The project has nothing whatsoever to do with the 1998 drama The Mighty, which starred Kieran Culkin, Elden Henson and Sharon Stone, about an unusually large boy who befriends a schoolmate with Morquio syndrome. We’re not going to go so far as to say that that’s a shame, since that would be one weird freaking franchise, but if you haven’t seen the original The Mighty you should check it out because it’s a fine little family drama that doesn’t get enough love these days.

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