Lions, Tigers and Bears Comic Book Optioned

June 8, 2011 Way back in 2009, we reported on a couple of comic book adaptations in development: Lions, Tigers and Bears, about a boy whose stuffed animals come to life; and The Nye Incidents, based on a Devil’s Due comic about an alien abductee serial killer. Neither project got much farther than the early stages, however, and we eventually forgot about them altogether. (Or at least I did. Maybe you didn’t. I don’t know your life.)

Now, news comes that both projects are back on track again. Get updates on both, plus info on a potential Penny Arcade-inspired film, after the jump.

When we first reported on Lions, Tigers and Bears, relative newcomer Joey Aucoin was set to write the script based on his pitch. A more recent report, however, announces Not Another Teen Movie scribes Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson as the screenwriters. As before, Paramount’s Lorenzo di Bonaventura is producing.

Based on the Image Comics series by Mike Bullock, Lions, Tigers and Bears tells the tale of a child named Joey Price who learns that his stuffed animals come alive at night in order to protect him from monsters that reside in his closet. Though the premise sounds like a cross between two certain Pixar projects, Paramount is actually aiming for “an effects-heavy live-action tentpole” with franchise potential. [The Hollywood Reporter]

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