Talent Comic Book Optioned

May 13, 2011 Universal Pictures has hired television writer Zack Whedon to adapt the 2006 BOOM! Studios miniseries Talent, Variety reports.

Created by Christopher Golden, Tom Sniegoski and Paul Azaceta, the supernatural thriller centers on college professor Nicholas Dane, the sole survivor of a plane crash who’s pursued by a secret group after he discovers he possesses the abilities of the passengers and crew who died.

“He’s an ordinary Joe,” Golden explained to Comic Book Resources in 2006. “That’s really his defining characteristic. He is every man. He’s relatively intelligent. He’s in his early ’30s and he’s divorced. He’s just a good, ordinary guy until the plane he’s on explodes in mid-air and crashes into New York harbor and his life changes completely. […] Whatever force that has kept him alive, because certainly there’s no ordinary way that he could have survived 12 hours underwater. This force kept him alive and has given him both a gift and a mission. He has somewhere in him all of the abilities, memories and unfinished business of the other passengers aboard the plane.”

Originally conceived by Golden and Sniegoski as a TV pilot, Talent was acquired shortly after its debut by producer Marc E. Platt, who has a deal with Universal. He’ll produce the adaptation, along with BOOM! founders Ross Richie and Andrew Crosby.

Courtesy of: http://spinoff.comicbookresources.com/2011/05/13/universal-pegs-zack-whedon-to-adapt-boom-studios-comic-talent/

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