Alright, let the Guardians of The Galaxy 3 movie gossip begin! Let’s take a look at the rumored, confirmed, anticipated and wishful thinking surrounding our Galaxy’s’ Guardians!

Looks like 2021will be the year some of the band gets back together.

Starlord, Drax, Rocket Raccoon and Mantis are confirmed to appear. Ayesha will reprise her role as well as the high priestess of the golden-skinned Sovereign race.



Thor got along so well with the Guardians in Avengers that it makes sense for him to appear.

Groot and Gamora have to appear, don’t they?

Beta Ray Bill – Rumors are strong he will make it onto the big screen in this film.

Adam Warlock – How much can we hint at a character until it happens?

Darkhawk – Another rumored character

Nova – We’ve seen Nova Corps. Will we finally see Richard Nova? Or Alexander? There are so many characters to spec on within the Nova Corps that it deserves its own write-up.


Who will the villains be?

The latest rumor is Korvac.

Who is Korvac?

Created by Steve Gerber and Jim Starlin in 1975, Korvac first appeared in January’s pages of Giant-Size Defenders #3.

In short, he’s a brilliant computer scientist from the future who had the lower half of his body amputated, merging his upper body and nervous system onto a computer module that can steal energy from just about anywhere. Oh, and he was sent back in time. So, in summary, he has the power to alter matter, teleport, astral project, and manipulate time and space.


Who else might appear?

Cosmic Ghost Rider? Ok, Cates is in my head! But, we’d really like to see some surprise characters and cameos, pretty please!

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