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July 2021 New In Stock, Spec!

New In Stock and Spec work for the month of July, 2021. This is a running list of new books in stock and latest comic book news as it breaks.

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More Marvel Movies Planned

We saw Disney purchase Marvel. Now, with their pending Fox acquisition, we face the possibility of more characters debuting or reimagined on the big screen, beyond the existing dozens of comic book movies planned through 2028. The comic book craze is not going anywhere anytime soon. SDCC rocked us Saturday

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Let’s check out everything Turtles! From the concept that started it all, to the new female tortoise, Jennika. 2 successful reboot movies and the announcement of a third movie planned. The Turtles are experiencing new life especially with demand for their 1984 Magazine style comics. The history of the TMNTs

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Alright, let the Guardians of The Galaxy 3 movie gossip begin! Let’s take a look at the rumored, confirmed, anticipated and wishful thinking surrounding our Galaxy’s’ Guardians! Looks like 2021will be the year some of the band gets back together. Starlord, Drax, Rocket Raccoon and Mantis are confirmed to appear.

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Marvel’s Eternals!

Before we know it, the Eternals will be on the big screen. The movie is planned to hit theaters at some point over the next few years. Will we see a younger Thanos? How about his son Thane? Possibly Galactus or Silver Surfer? At this point in time, the possibilities

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