Voltron Comic Book Optioned

July 26, 2005 If a Transformers live action movie is in the works, can aVoltron film be far behind? The Hollywood Reporter provided the answer to this question which has been dogging breathless fans of 1980’s pop culture with an announcement that producer Mark Gordon is teaming with music producer Pharrell Williams and the animation company World Events Productions to create a big budget live action film based on the 1980s animated series, Voltron: Defender of the Universe. World Events Prods. produced the original Voltron animated series about five pilots who had to learn how to work together to operate Voltron, a giant robot formed by combining five smaller robots.

In addition to a popular toy series, Voltron also found its way to comic books — a forgettable 3-issue series in the 1980s and a 21st Century 1980s revival series from Image and Devil’s Due. Toynami has revived Voltron as a toy property this year (see ‘Toynami Adds Voltron’). If the Voltron live action movie gets made, which probably depends quite a bit on the success of the Transformers film, the Voltron property could enjoy yet another revival.

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