Proof Comic Book Optioned

June 30, 2009 Move over Batman and Wolverine! A new animated comic book character is in the works to come to a small screen near you! John “Proof” Prufrock, the investigative sasquatch and lead character of the Image Comics series Proof is set to get the cartoon treatment at the hands of Kickstart Entertainment.

One of Image’s most popular series, Proof follows the adventures of Prufrock as he investigates cryptids, beings who are somehow supernatural in nature and who may or may be real, for a secret government organization known as The Lodge. Early creative rumors around the series have included Samuel L. Jackson, known for his adventuresome nature when choosing roles, and who is no stranger to comic book work, having made cameos as Nick Fury in films from Marvel and lending his talents to the series Afro Samurai.

No time line has currently been placed on the project, but expect quality from the same studio group that helped to launch the successful film adaptation of Wanted just last year.

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