Haunted Comic Book Optioned

February 6, 2014 Although not yet on the shelves for purchase (February 28th), Bryan Singer’s Bad Hat Harry Productions has optioned Red 5’s new action horror series “Haunted” for a big screen adaptation.

Haunted is a four part horror action adventure written by Scott Chitwood, illustrated by Danny Luckert and colored by Ivan Plascencia. In Haunted the barrier that separates our world from the spiritual realm has been mysteriously broken, allowing Earth to be overrun by creatures, such as demons, ghosts and poltergeists, which led to mankind’s collapse. Thirteen years after the fact, survivor Sarah McCallister is given a chance to set the world back to its normal self, but for that she must for the first time trust others.

“The problem with most ghost stories is that if the characters simply leave the haunted house, all of their problems are over,” said Chitwood. “But if the entire world is the haunted house, there’s nowhere to run or hide. Imagine the end of ‘Ghostbusters,’ but with the heroes failing and Gozer taking over the world.”

“Sarah survived a traumatic and dangerous childhood, constantly on the run from all manner of horrors,” added Chitwood. “But if she is to have any hope of saving the world, she must go against every instinct that has kept her alive so far.”

Regarding Bad Hat Harry Productions’ interest in turning the comic into a feature, Chitwood said: “As a long-time fan of ‘The Usual Suspects’ and Singer’s ‘X-Men’ films, it was very gratifying to find Bat Hat so enthusiastic about the story and premise of ‘Haunted.’ They have been incredibly supportive and great to work with.”

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