Age of Heroes Comic Book Optioned

July 12, 2014 Bryan Singer adds another comic book movie to his busy schedule.

Off the back of his latest X-Men movie’s success, Bryan Singer has now added another comic book movie to his busy schedule. Age Of Heroes.

Bryan Singer will undoubtedly be very busy over the next year or so with X-Men: Apocalypse. The next film in Fox’s X-Men franchise is being developed and directed by Bryan Singer after the great success that was X-Men: Days Of Future Past. However, Bryan Singer has recently begun to develop a further movie – Age Of Heroes.

Age Of Heroes is based on the 90s comic series by James Hudnall. The series follows a bunch of misfit heroes in a land that is ruled by Gods. When these Gods disappear the land is laid siege upon my monsters of magic with nasty intentions. The unlikely bunch of heroes must protect their lands from the monsters that are now free to roam without the restriction of the Gods.

James Hudnall recently released a new novel based on Ages Of Heroes and now Bryan Singer has bought up the movie rights to the plot through his Bad Hat Harry production company. Alex Hollister will pen the screenplay whilst it remains unclear if Bryan Singer will direct as well as produce.

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