Watchmen Comic Book Optioned

October 2, 2015

The superhero boom is about to come full circle.

Though 2008’s Iron Man is generally held as the first great comic book movie of the current period (Batman Begins doesn’t count, because while it’s a superhero movie, it’s about a million miles away from being a comic book movie), Watchmen probably did more to shape the MCU and the DCEU. It was the moment when the post-superhero movie came into existence (assuming you ignore the claims of The Incredibles in 2004), launching the contradiction of pulpy tone and ideological weight that continues to shape the genre now.

And now, 6 years after the film – a flawed but brilliant adaptation of the source (no matter what Alan Moore might claim) – it looks like the source is going to be readapted by the same man for TV.

According to Collider, Zack Snyder has met with HBO to talk about a Watchmen TV series. Whether it would be a prequel, an expanded retelling or a sequel remains unconfirmed, but you’d have to suspect it would be one of the first two, given that a superhero movie in a world that no longer needs superheroes would be somewhat redundant.

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