Strikeforce Morituri Comic Book Optioned

July 20, 2011 has given us a little insight into what the future of Marvel films will be, as they are reporting that Waterman Entertainment has bought the rights to an obscure Marvel comic from the 1980s, Strikeforce: Mourituri.

The comic was one of the underrated gems of the 80s comic book scene and had one of the best concepts, too. Created by writer Peter B. Gillis and artist Brent Anderson, the series detailed an Earth in the future that was under attack by an alien race called the Horde. The planet was in danger of being overrun when a scientist named Dr. Kimmo Tuolema came up with a way of giving human beings superpowers. There were some drawbacks: only 5% of the population had the correct genetic makeup to accept the process, there was no way of telling what kind of powers you were going to get, and the process itself was 100% fatal. Everybody who volunteered for the process would die within one year of gaining the powers. More often than not, the powers would kill them way before that deadline. The series lasted for 31 issues and ran from 1986 to 1989.

This is the second time that an attempt was made to adapt the comic into live action. In 2002, the Sci-Fi network was to adapt the work into a TV show called A Thousand Days (titled after the extended life span of the subject in the series) but squabbles with creators and Marvel over the rights squashed the deal. That shouldn’t be a problem this time around, as co-creator Gillis will be co-writing the script with Connor Cochran.

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