North Wind Comic Book Optioned

April 9, 2008 After a successful run of comics sales, fueled in part by a special release on MySpace, the series North Wind has been picked up by Hollywood. The book follows the few people living in California after global warming brings on a new ice age and covers sunny LA in snow and ice.

According to a press release from BOOM!, the rights were picked up by Davis Entertainment, which previously ushered I, Robot, Eragon and Alien vs. Predator to movie screens. The screenplay will be written by series writer David DiGilio, who previously created Eight Below and the ABC show Traveler.

BOOM! has a few other properties in development, including the series Tag, Talent and The Foundation and the graphic novel 10.

North Wind caused a stir among retailers when BOOM! did a simultaneous release, putting issues up on MySpace Comics (you can read them right here). But spokesman Chip Mosher told me the series ended up exceeding sales expectations.

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