Necessary Evil Comic Book Optioned

January 30, 2009 Cartoon Network has announced that it optioned NECESSARY EVIL, a monthly comic book series created by Joshua Williamson and Marcus L. Harris and published by Desperado Publishing. The comic book is being developed as a weekly television series as part of the “live action initiative” as recently announced in the Hollywood Reporter.

NECESSARY EVIL features two brothers who attend a school for super villains after their mother, the greatest super villain of all time, is murdered.

The television series’ writers are Max Burnett, Chris Borelli and Jonathan Davis. Attached to produce the series are Chris Fenton and Chris Cowles of H2F Entertainment, and Brendan Deneen and Jarred Weisfeld of Objective Entertainment.

“Being a part of the Cartoon Network’s new live-action programming is an amazing opportunity,” said Necessary Evil’s co-creator Joshua Williamson. “The writers are doing a terrific job translating the book and the story to the small screen. I think people will be surprised how close the personalities of the characters in the comics are to their live action counterparts.”

Deneen adds, “As soon as I read the first issue of NECESSARY EVIL, I knew Josh and Marcus had a multi-media hit on their hands. I’m proud to be involved with this piece of material, and I look forward to working on the TV series with this talented group of creators.”

The NECESSARY EVIL trade paperback, which collects the first five issues, as well as the single issues themselves, are still available at and from Diamond Distributors.

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