Mortal Souls Comic Book Optioned

December 5, 2003 Steven Grant has confirmed to ICv2 that independent film producers Chris Moore and Craig Falzone have optioned Mortal Souls, a comic book series written by Grant and published by Avatar. Grant, who is a modern master of the crime comic, has injected supernatural elements into the storyline of Mortal Souls, whose protagonist, police detective Eric Sharpe discovers that not only are there spirits who outlive their bodies (ghosts), but also bodies, which continue without souls (Qelipoth). These soulless husks of human beings are quite naturally sociopathic, and Sharpe, thanks to his ability to recognize them (‘the sight’), quickly becomes the enemy of a ubiquitous horde of soulless evildoers.

While Mortal Souls is still a long way from going into production, it is encouraging that Hollywood producers are interested in more than just super hero comics. The noirish paranoia of Mortal Souls is far better suited for cinematic exploitation than the interminable adventures of any number of spandex-clad heroes. Let’s hope that when the inevitable backlash against costumed heroes whips through Tinseltown, it doesn’t put an end to all comic book-based films.

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