Mind MGMT Comic Book Optioned

January 29, 2013 Matt Kindt’s brainy, eccentric super-spy series Mind MGMT has been optioned to be produced as a film by Blade Runner director Ridley Scott, reports The Hollywood Reporter‘s Heat Vision blog.

Scott’s Fox-based “Scott Free” production banner will handle the film, along with Dark Horse Entertainment’s Mike Richardson and Keith Goldberg.

Mind MGMT is basically a secret organization of super spies that have mind control powers but those power vary from agent to agent,” Kindt explained to ComicBook.com during an interview in May of last year when the series was launching through Dark Horse Comics. “So you’ve got some agents that can make you forget things, some agents that can make you not see things–there’s other agents that can’t be killed–they have this mind over matter ability where you can hurt them but they’ll heal themselves up. There’s another guy who can make you believe that he can kill you with his finger. So he doesn’t have any weapons, but he can make you believe that he can kill you and then he can, and he does. So it’s kind of a weird sort of spy book. It’s also my first monthly book that I’m writing and drawing, so I’m trying to plant subliminal messages and little hidden things and fake ads on the back cover and extra stuff that they’re putting in there. I don’t read monthly books anymore so I’m trying to do things that would hook me back into going to the store every week.”

You can also listen to a longer conversation about Mind MGMT and Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. (Kindt’s New 52 title) on the Panel Discussions podcast.

That supplemental material should make for a terrific viral advertising campaign, should the film make it all the way through the production. Scott is reportedly looking for a writer to adapt the comic now.

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