Maintenance Comic Book Optioned

December 20, 2010 Great news for creators Jim Massey and Robbi Rodriguez, whose Oni Press comic book Maintenance has been freed from Warner Bros. and the clutches of director McG and deposited safely in the loving arms of DreamWorks Animation. Devised by the reliably hilarious Massey (writer of Oni’s Stephen Colbert Tek Jensen comic) and illustrated by Rodriguez, Maintenance is the story of two hapless janitors who try their best to get their jobs done at TerroMax, Inc., the world’s most evil corporation, while they contend with all sorts of horrible monsters, unruly bosses and a distractingly hot receptionist.Launched in 2006, the entirety of Maintenance is available in three trade paperbacks. For those of you unfamiliar with the very funny book, you can check out a 32-page preview at Oni’s site.

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