Insurrection V3 Point 6 Comic Book Optioned

October 22, 2012 Sci-fi projects are still a hot commodity, with Paramount closing a deal for the rights to Insurrection, a Boom! Studios comic created by writer Blake Masters. He is also attached to pen the script.

Powerhouse producers Michael De Luca and Matt Tolmach are teaming up for the adaptation, which also will be produced by Boom!’s Ross Richie.

A sort of sci-fi Spartacus, Insurrection is a set in a future where corporations are more powerful than governments and command their own armies. The armies consist of clones who, for decades have been treated like a subclass. That all changes when one man stands up and leads a revolution that has vast repercussions.

Masters created Brotherhood, the crime-and-politics drama that ran from 2006-08 on Showtime, and was a showrunner for NBC’s Law & Order: LA. He also has worked on feature films; he met the comic company’s principals while scripting Universal and Emmett/Furla’s adaptation Boom! comic 2 Guns. That led to Insurrection, which debuted in early 2011.

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