In The Dust Comic Book Optioned

October 19, 2011 This time it’s Solipsist Film, who have acquired the upcoming Top Cow comic book “In the Dust” by George Mahaffey and Christian Duce. The comic isn’t due out until next year, and the period comic (a rarity in the trade) goes thusly:

The story is set against the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, when “black blizzards” obscured the Midwest and prairies. The plot sees a G-Man investigating the disappearances of entire families from small towns during these storms, uncovering the existence of an army of vampires that are using them as cover to ravage the countryside. The agent is forced to team up with remnants of Al Capone’s gang to save Chicago when the vampires turn their attention to the Windy City.

G-man and gangsters with Tommy Guns versus vampires in the 1930s? Sounds like good times to me. Now let’s hope it actually gets made, because honestly, 9 out of 10 comics that gets optioned never, ever sees the light of day.

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