Hawkgirl Comic Book Character Getting her own tv series

June 29, 2015 While Ciare Renee will be portraying the legendary DC Comics character of Hawkgirl in the upcoming The CW series ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ recently Spoiler TV came out with another surprise for them on this network, which has been producing one comic book-based show after another.

A report in Latin Post states that currently the standalone ‘Hawkgirl’ series is in development for The CW network. The network has not announced whether the events in the upcoming show occur before, during of after the events of ‘Legends of Tomorrow.’

Den of Geek reports that Renee will be back to reprise her role as Kendra Saunders (Hawkgirl) in the upcoming series. The ‘Hawkgirl’ will be joining whole a host of other DC Comic Book shows currently on The CW network, counting ‘The Legends of Tomorrow,’ ‘The Flash’ and ‘Arrow.’ Over the past one decade or so such comic book superhero shows have become an emerging trend on various media, including other TV networks and cinema, owing to their immense popularity.

This trend is reported to have commenced following success of Smallville’ on The CW. This show started on the WB and stayed with the network even after its merger with UPN.

According to the DC comic book, Saunders, who is also called Hawkgirl, is a young woman who has been reincarnated numerous times over the centuries. When she comes to know about this, Saunders is able to embrace her ancient powers, especially when she is provoked. According to Deadline, Saunders is an emerging superhero for both series on The CW, and soon, she begins to grow wings that give her the alter-ego nickname Hawkgirl.

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