Gunplay Comic Book Optioned

November 2, 2009 Platinum Studios has signed a deal with Fox21 to develop Jorge Vega’s graphic novel “Gunplay” as a potential TV series.

“Final Destination” writer-producer Glen Morgan has also been signed to adapt the project, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Morgan has a long history with sci-fi/genre TV series, including stints on “The X-files”, “Millennium” and “Space: Above and Beyond.”

“Gunplay” was the winning submission of Platinum Studios’ 2007 online “Comic Book Challenge.” Created and written by Vega and artist Dominic Vivona, “Gunplay” is a supernatural western that follows a buffalo soldier named Abner Meeks who is cursed to roam the Old West with a demonic gun that forces him to kill once a day or suffer agonizing pain.

“It is a unique story of an ordinary man who must live with an extraordinary curse,” related Fox21 president Chris Carlisle.

Last month, Platinum Studios and Fox21 announced that they are also developing “Indestructible Man” as a TV series.

The latest deal continues Platinum’s recent hot streak in Hollywood. In addition to the potential reteaming of Robert Downey Jr. and director Jon Favreau on “Cowboys & Aliens” and the already filming “Dead of Night” with Brandon Routh, Platinum is also bringing “Atlantis Rising” and “Mal Chance” to the big screen.

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