Global Emergency Comic Book Optioned

November 21, 2014 Warren Ellis’ Global Frequency graphic novel is becoming a Warner Bros TV show…

Television shows adapted from comics have gone from having a touch of outsider status to becoming the hottest programs around. Until the massive wave of film-to-TV projects hits, comic books are the biggest trend we’ve got. Interestingly though, Warner Bros is beginning to hedge its bets in the less-well-known corners of the comic book world. It will adapt Warren Ellis’ Global Frequency, a graphic novel originally published by Wildstorm and then collected under DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint.

The show will focus on The Global Frequency, a privately-funded crime-fighting syndicate who, as you might have deduced, have agents all over the globe. Spearheading the production is the incredibly experienced Jerry Bruckheimer, with no less than four other executive producers (including Mr Ellis) on board as well.

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