Game Keeper Comic Book Optioned

July 30, 2007 In an announcement that probably won’t surprise anyone director Guy ‘Mr Madonna’ Ritchie, best known for his London gangster movies like Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, is to adapt the comic he devised for Virgin, the Gamekeeper, reports the BBC (via Variety). Ritchie devised the story but the actual comic was written by top 2000AD alumni Andy Diggle; the first volume of the graphic novel collection is due from Virgin this autumn. Given the number of comics being optioned for potential movie adaptations it can hardly be much of a surprise that a director who collaborated with a publisher to create a comic would then turn to adapting it for film. And although normally I’m interested in seeing movie adaptations of comics I have to say I’m not exactly overwhelmed at the prospect of this one. We can only pray he doesn’t cast his missus in it again.

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