Cla$$war Comic Book Optioned

October 5, 2009 That’s “Cla$$war”, with two dollar signs instead of an “s”. It’s a little-known comic book from 2002 by publisher Com.x, and revolves around a superhero called The American who realizes that his government is rotten and has to fight back, which means going up against other superheroes that used to be his buds. It’s all very Warren Ellis/Garth Ennis-ish, where the American Government is the bad guy and responsible for all the world’s ills cause, gosh darn it, they’re just evil that way. It’s like “The Bourne Identity” with tights. And flying people.

The comic book has been optioned by Mandeville Films, the same people who recently picked up Top Cow’s “Alibi”. Mandeville also recently released the Bruce Willis starrer “Surrogates”, which was also based on a comic book. That film has been a disaster for the company at the box office.

Of course, just because a property is optioned doesn’t mean it’ll actually get made into a movie. It just means some producers out there had some change and decided to snatch up the rights before someone else does. And while the idea behind “Cla$$war” sounds novel enough (Jason Bourne in tights), it’s going to be expensive if they want to do it right, which probably means lots of changes to accommodate a suitable budget ala “Wanted”. Unless, of course, they get one of the big studios to foot the bill and land an A-list talent. Nah, it would still need a lot of “adaptation”.

The original “Cla$$war” was written by Rob Williams, with art by Trevor Hairsine and Travel Foreman. Rick Alexander will produce the movie, and a screenwriter is currently being sought out to adapt the project.

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