Atlas Comic Books Optioned

May 17, 2019

Are you familiar with Atlas Comics? If not, it was a comic book publisher that launched in the 1950s and it ended up evolving into Marvel Comics. However, when Marvel launched out of Altas to become its own brand, not all of the comic book properties followed. There were still a lot of comics that only Atlas was producing.

Well, the rights to all of those Atlas properties were picked up by Ghost Rider producer Steven Paul and he teamed with Paramount Pictures to adapt them into movies. Paramount doesn’t really have many lucrative franchises other than Mission: Impossible and Transformers and a few other Hasbro properties that they have yet to get off the ground.

With comic book and superhero films being all the rage in Hollywood, it looks like Paramount is going to take what they can get, and now they have Atlas Comics. THR also announced that Akiva Goldsman (Batman ForeverThe Da Vinci Code and I Am Legend) has signed on to lead the writers room for this project. He will bring in nine writers to “develop and build out the universe of characters from the expansive Atlas library.”

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