Chi Chian #1 1997


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Chi Chian #1 Comic Book. First Printing in NM Condition. Publisher/Year: Sirius, 1997

Production banner Framelight is ramping up. The company has optioned rights to the cult comic “Chi-Chian” and will develop it as a feature.

Chi-chian began as a 6 issue comic book mini-series written and drawn by Voltaire and published by Sirius Entertainment in 1997. In this Cinderella story for the 31st century, an orphaned young girl named Chi-chian must fight against giant robots, enormous mutant insects, a race of zombie monks and her own twisted family to restore her father’s name and take her rightful place in the family. Chi-chian (pronounced: CHEE chan) lives in Manhattan in the 31st century. After the New York/ New Jersey war, Manhattan is sold to a Japanese company called Mimitsu to be used as a testing ground for organic technology. Her father, Soma Mitsui had ushered in a new golden age for New York city with his many environmentally and spiritually advanced inventions. But years after his death, when things start going horribly wrong, Chi-chian, a lowly Wormtrain wrangler, must fight against all odds to prove her father was not a “psychopath” intent on destroying the world. In the process, she learns some important things about herself in this coming of age story.

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