Chew #1 2009


Chew #1 2009 first printing image comic book

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Chew #1 Comic Book. First Printing in VF Condition. Publisher/Year: Image Comics, June 2009

The popular comic Chew is getting another shot at a screen adaptation, this time with Jeff Krelitz and his Quality Transmedia banner.

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The comic, created by John Layman and Rob Guillory and published by Image Comics, was developed as a pilot by Showtime and Circle of Confusion but never moved beyond that stage. When the option lapsed, Krelitz swooped in.

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Krelitz is one of the producers (along with Adjacent Productions) behind the adaptation of the Image Comic Peter Panzerfaust. He first translated that Peter Pan-based story, set during World War II, as a motion comic, lining up the voice talent of Elijah Wood and Summer Glau. Then Panzerfaust went to BBC Worldwide for TV development.

Krelitz now hopes to follow a similar path with Chew. He is producing an animated adaptation of the comic for digital and home video, while developing a live-action series for television. (He is in preproduction on the animation front and beginning to meet with showrunners for the TV series.)

In a nutshell, Chew centers on a detective who is a “cibopath,” a person who gets psychic impressions from whatever he eats, and is set in a world where bird meats are illegal after a bird flu killed millions of Americans.

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